Why is the “upgrade cycle” broken?

For the last 30 years IT systems have been primarily deployed inside businesses, actually inside their offices. A business would buy a system for their office, use it for as long as practical, and then upgrade it to a new one using then current technology.
Now, because the big opportunities for technology companies are in large-scale cloud systems, options appropriately designed for smaller businesses are rapidly disappearing. For instance, Microsoft no longer offers its Small Business Server that ran on a single server, they would much rather their small business customers migrate to Office 365 online.
For really small businesses, public cloud solutions have always been the better option, but for many business with more than a few users and less than 1,000 users, the old upgrade cycle is broken.
Those businesses are confronted with a choice between deploying systems internally that are designed for much larger organisations (with unnecessary functionality and complexity that drive up their costs), or moving to the use of shared, public cloud systems.
All is not lost. You can still leverage standard components to build affordable and appropriately scaled systems for the best of both on premises and private cloud deployment – you just may not be able to use Microsoft software to do it. (hint: 21core can help.)
Many businesses are reaching the end of their last upgrade cycle, and moving forward will require changes to IT that need leadership and clarity. We look forward to helping you with that transition.