Premium Integration Packs

If your business has special needs for extra features, it’s quite possible that one of these core Premium Integration Packs will fit your requirements.

All Premium Integration Packs are delivered and priced as custom services.

Windows Server Integration

If you have applications running on Windows servers that you need to keep running, we have options to integrate those servers into the core designs, either in your offices or running in the cloud.

The best option may be to convert the server running on PC hardware in your office into a virtual machine and then we can add that to your core cloud so you never have to worry about buying another computer to run it on.

Compliance Auditing

Many businesses are subject to compliance regulations from industry bodies and governments. The core designs and services can be configured to help meet these standards.

21core can customise your systems to meet your specific requirements, which in most cases includes some of the following:

  • complete audit trail for specific documents
  • security restrictions for file access and sharing
  • computer and mobile device control, remote lock/wipe, and usage restrictions
  • recording of remote control sessions on computers with privileged access
  • helpdesk call recording
  • documentation of actions and results for IT support services


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