Service Options

Service Options can be added to the core service package to tailor the services to meet your particular needs.

Pricing for these Options can be found on our price list.

Add user/connection for Standard file sharing

You add additional named users to the file sharing service as you go along. (The Standard file sharing service includes the first 2 Users, the core cloud server, and 3 Connections for contractors.)

Upgrade to Enterprise File Sharing

The Enterprise File Sharing option is an upgrade to the Standard package that is included in the standard core service pricing.

This option upgrades the file sharing service to include:

  • first 9 users + core cloud server
  • 5TB of storage
  • full audit trail for every file
  • per device authorisation

Add a technician/engineer

If you have more than one office, or if you have specialists that need to provide technical support for specific applications, you can add additional engineers to your helpdesk.

Each engineer gets:

  • their own helpdesk login
  • time tracking in the helpdesk
  • their own remote control channel for servers, Mac and PC
  • their own phone number, that can be incorporated into the main technical support framework if needed
  • mobile, desktop and web apps to control phone call routing, “follow me” roaming, send/receive faxes and record calls

The helpdesk can be configured to automatically route support requests based on the skills of the technician, the type or request, or the nature of the problem.

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