File Sharing

Secure, Managed File Sharing for the 21st century

One of the many unique features of the 21core designs is our file sharing feature, and you’re going to love it.

We have integrated business-grade file sharing that meets our exacting standards, including:

  • dedicated, geo-redundant datacenters in Europe, USA and Canada conforming with HIPAA, PCI and SAS 70/ SSAE 16 standards
  • top to bottom security focus
  • 6 months retention of versions, and backups
  • sophisticated sharing options that provide proper control over file distribution
  • on-the-fly conversion to PDF, and download restrictions
  • mobile apps for always and anywhere access, with editing tools built into the apps
  • integrated backup for files on laptops and desktops
  • unlimited file size


The core service includes our Standard file sharing service with:

  • first 2 users, and the core cloud server
  • 1TB of online storage
  • 3 Connections for external project contacts

Additional users can be added easily.


In addition to users inside your organisation, we also support Connections which can be used for external contractors that you work with. These restricted users have read and write access to their assigned Project files, but that cannot be allocated their own storage, and therefore can not create or own Projects, or backup their computers.


Customers who want even greater control and sharing options can upgrade to our Enterprise option to get these additional features:

  • complete audit trail and reporting for every action by every user on every file
  • group and session policies
  • mobile device approval, and remote wipe

The Enterprise option comes with:

  • first 9 users, and the core cloud server
  • 5TB of online storage
  • 3 Connections for external project contacts

Additional storage, users and connections can be added to any plan.



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