core services

core servicescore services provide you with all the benefits of core designs in a “ready to go” package, including a core cloud server to host collaboration inside your organisation and with the rest of the world.

core services allow you to retain control of your information, manage your support services, and ensure continuity. The services bring our designs to life, and ensure that these key benefits become your reality:

  • keep your data secure
  • keep your costs down, now and into the future
  • flexibility, allowing you to change easily to match your business needs
  • powerful, secure collaboration with customers, suppliers, contractors and project resources

Available for a simple, fixed monthly service fee, the core services package puts you in control of your information technology, and keeps you there.

You choose a support service provider (internal or external) to provide front line technical support to your users. 21core provides the service quality management tools that allow you and your support provider to work efficiently and securely.

Get the PDF describing the core services from here: core services 2014.

To sign up for core services contact us.

core services include:

core cloud core cloud server 
Private file server
Cloud firewall security
Distributed file sharing for 2 mobile users + core cloud server, 1Tb online storage, secure sharing and iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC apps.
Disaster recovery/Continuous backups
core helpdesk service management
Ensuring quality and continuity of support services, support service partner relationship, and 3rd party vendors.
Customer-branded web portal for service requests
Customer tech support phone number
Customer tech support email
Proactive oversight of service requests
Monitoring & Alerting oversight
Implementation auditing & documentation
Vendor management for included services
Apple relationship oversight
Service continuity Non-disruptive IT service adaptation: add/remove support service providers without changing helpdesk
Holiday switching to standby Support Service Provider
Internet service management Web security & encryption (SSL certificate per server)
Domain (DNS) management
Technician support tools Remote control tools for Mac and PC
Service desk task & ticket management
Time tracking for technicians
Phone call management (“follow me” roaming, voicemail, call recording, fax & audio conferencing, mobile apps)
Service Level Guarantees 99.9% uptime & response SLAs

If you have additional needs not listed above, we offer Service Options for fixed prices, and Premium Integration Packs for more complex needs.

Below we have described the equipment and services not included in the 21core services and which you should expect to purchase from your chosen Support Service Provider:

Support Service Provider

Customer must select a Support Service Provider who will provide front line technical support. They can be an internal IT person, or a member of the Apple Consultant Network. If you do not have a preferred provider, 21core will help you select one.
  • Apple Consultant
  • Internal IT
Technical support & service Setup, migration, customisation, day-to-day technical support services, technical assistance, training, problem remediation, and user management not specifically included in the core services listed above.

Customer purchase from Support Service Provider

Office Equipment Office Server hardware

Customer Purchase

(±£3,000 per office)

Server software
Office Firewall with Unified Threat Protection
Office Backup disk

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