Data Control & Service Quality

Data Control

It’s your data and you’re responsible for it.

You have a duty to your stakeholders, and a legal obligation, to protect and secure the information you hold. If you’re not in control of your data, you cannot fulfil these important obligations.

21core systems are designed to ensure that you remain in control of your information and that the data is properly secured. From private cloud servers to fully audited file systems, 21core systems will enhance your data security by ensuring that your data stays on your private servers and can only be accessed by devices which you allow.

Security and data control are not after-thoughts at 21core, they are the foundations on which we design and deliver the most cost-effective IT systems available.

Service Quality

Getting the benefits from information technology is all about service, and how you mange support for your people and the technology you want them to use.
Turning IT into GOLD_Page_01
At 21core we understand all about IT service management, we’ve been doing it for decades. That’s why every core services package includes a comprehensive set of tools and processes that ensure that you, the customer, remain in control of your IT, and not the other way around.

Download our free executive guide: “Turning IT into GOLD” to learn how to maximise returns on IT investments. The methods for effective prioritisation, described in this guide, are built into the service management processes included in every core services package.

Quality service management

Ensuring the customer remains in control:

  • making support easy to access with customer-branded helpdesk web portal, email access, and dedicated phone number
  • 21core oversight of support service quality
  • change support providers and cover for holidays without disruption, keeping control of vital knowledge about your processes and systems

Technical tools

We also understand what it takes to be successful as a technician or engineer supporting IT systems, which is why every core service also includes the right tools to do the job properly.

Ensuring that technicians and engineers are as effective as possible:

  • fast remote control of servers, Macs and PCs – from computers & mobile devices
  • easy task management, and time recording, through the web-based helpdesk
  • phone call management, with softphone apps for mobile devices
  • 21core technical escalation

Find out more about core services.

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