core designs

core designscore designs meet the two most common needs of organisations: collaboration services, and office services.

  • core cloud design is the first building block, and specifies the details for providing all of the core collaboration services.
  • core office design builds on core cloud to extend the systems to an office, with a secure connection back to the core cloud.

Each design is also available as a service, for organisations that want a complete package, ready-to-go.

This table describes the features and functions included in each design (a ♦ in the column indicates that the function is included in that design), or you can get the PDF here: core designs 2014.

core cloud

core office

design objective

Low cost, cloud based, secure, core IT services for mobile workforce.

Office integration with core cloud.

Intended Use Email and web collaboration from anywhere

Secure file storage and sharing

Office(s) with shared local server and Internet link

Features Email


iPhone & iPad management
Apple computer management
Domain Name System management
Central user directory security & management
Team online collaboration (web wiki)
Secure file storage and sharing (internally & externally)
Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and mobile access
Multi-user network applications

Time Machine™ backups for Apple computers in the office
Local, high speed, file sharing in the office
Centralised printer sharing in the office
Internet link security & bandwidth management in the office
Office Security Web filtering, anti-virus protection in the office

Secure, encrypted connections between office and core cloud

Service Management Service Request management best practices
Knowledgebase management best practices
Vendor management best practices
Apple management best practices
Support provider management best practices
Design specifications Documentation
Vendor listings
Disaster Recovery Time and Point Objectives (Best case/Worst case)


DIMENSIONS Design improvements, modifications, enhancements, new services, innovations, opportunities, and news subscription

To purchase a core design contact us.

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