About Us

21core logo 250H21st century core technologies limited (21core) is a computer network design company: we design networks for businesses, and other types of organisations, all over the world.

21core is based in London and provides design services worldwide through local Apple Consultants and in cooperation with internal corporate IT departments. As computing changes to a mobile and cloud-based paradigm, 21core designs provide a path to leverage these changes to deliver the highest levels of functionality to workers, without compromising security.

Beyond technical network design, 21core designs cover operations and service management, to maximise the benefits of technology to the organisation. Our designs include tools for technicians/engineers, and service management infrastructure (service desk, monitoring and remote assistance), all controlled by the customer so that IT is always in service to the organisation.

With over 30 years if IT network design and service management experience, 21core knows what to avoid, and how to make technology good value. Our designs minimise expensive technical resources, eschew expensive software licensing models, and deliver better results than traditional 20th century computing for an average of half the cost.

21core is a member of the Apple Consultants Network.

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