Reliability = Cost control

Why are 1,000s of businesses switching to Apple-centric computing every day? Because it makes business sense.

The key to controlling the cost of any machine is reliability. The manufacturers who win in any industry are those that master the art of reliability – think of the auto industry, as one example. The reason this is true is because the ongoing costs of maintaining a machine, so that it continues to deliver its value, outweigh the acquisition cost by a wide margin.

Apple = Reliable

Businesses switch to using Apple computers and devices because they are reliable, and that means they cost less over their productive lifespan. Once a basic level of functionality is available, i.e. the machine can do the job, then reliability is the key factor. Software is now available for most business functions on Apple platforms, especially as we make the move to using web-based applications.

What makes Apple systems so much more reliable?

There are several factors that go into making a reliable computer, whether you hold it in your hand or put it on a desk. Here are the key factors that make Apple computing systems more reliable than others.

  • The hardware is better designed. It’s carefully thought through, and the result is a complete system that balances many competing forces of durability, performance and ease-of-use.
  • The basic software (the operating system) that Apple runs on its computers is designed to withstand the failure of individual applications running on top of it. This is key to both the reliability and the security of the system. Every process runs inside what is called a “sandbox”, which is a container that prevents that process from interfering with or compromising any other process.
  • Integration of hardware and software. Because Apple controls both the hardware platform and the operating system, they can do something that general purpose, generic systems cannot: they can test and validate the complete system. This eliminates problems associated with getting the hardware and the software to work together.

Quantifiably cheaper

Our experience over decades of managing Windows PCs is that it takes an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes per computer per month to keep them running reliably. And that’s only if the right systems are in place to automate patching, updates, anti-virus and backups – many businesses do not have good systems in place for these essential tasks.

Apple systems take an average of 30 minutes per month to keep running at peak efficiency. That’s a saving of 0.75 hours for every computer every month! At average rates for technicians that means a saving of £400/year in the UK, and $600/year in the US, for every computer.

Mobile management

Mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) are best when they are so reliable that they simply don’t need any management. Because they have been developed to be consumer devices, the best ones are essentially maintenance free. This is certainly true of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, which continuously score highest for end user satisfaction because they “just work”.

The business cost of mobile devices comes from integrating them into the company’s standards for security and function. The key is to be able to easily manage mobile devices, whether they are owned by the person or the company, so that they are tools for productivity without compromising the business’ security.

Cost control for mobiles

The cost associated with using mobile devices in a business centres around their manageability and their security.

In the same way that Apple’s control of both hardware and software in their computers makes them more reliable, Apple’s control of both software and hardware in their mobile devices allows Apple to make them more secure. Businesses in security sensitive industries know this, and that’s why adoption rates of Apple’s mobile devices in sectors like legal and financial are greater than 80%.

Having inherently more secure devices to start with means that you spend less time and money making them secure for your business.

Management control

Built in to every Apple iPhone and iPad is a sophisticated management and control interface that consumers never see. Apple’s Profile Manager is a key part of the 21core design and allows a business to control these features on any device that will be used by employees to perform business related work:

  • Define security access for the device, such as the use of passcodes and inactivity timeouts, to ensure that devices that have access to company data also meet company security standards.
  • Distribute business owned and licensed applications, so that everyone is using the company’s standard applications.
  • Automate the configuration of email, wireless and websites so that end users can get on with their work instead of configuring things like SMTP and SSL settings.
  • Control risk through the ability to lock, wipe and track lost devices, or erase business information from an ex-employee’s device.

These management controls work anywhere and any time, and do not require any additional apps to be installed on the devices. Changes made on the server are automatically pushed out to devices without end user involvement, the user just signs up the first time and the rest is automated.

Are you ready to save money?

When you’re ready to save money, and increase both the productivity of your people and the security of your systems, 21core is ready to help you make the transition.

Our designs and services leverage the reliability and security inherent to the Apple platforms to bring those benefits to your business, with the minimum of fuss and expense. Call us now and find out how we can help you bring your IT into the 21st century.