IT = Process + Systems

Too often we lose sight of our objective, especially when dealing with shiny new toys! This is an particularly acute problem with IT.

Get your executive guide to GOLD

Get your executive guide to GOLD

IT is more about process than it is about systems, even if the systems are very cool and shiny. IT systems are merely collections of generic pieces; it is how they are arranged and used that delivers the GOLD to the organisation.
A difficult thing to accept about IT is that it is not static. It is almost impossible to capture the full picture of an IT system, especially one that is truly delivering GOLD, because that picture would need to include how people are using the systems. And people are constantly developing new ways to use their systems, so the true picture of IT is constantly changing.
When IT becomes orientated around systems, it is trying to avoid the much more important, and difficult, task of orientating around processes.

Process over Systems

In practical terms, managing IT Process means focusing on service management, because it is in the delivery of IT support that the opportunity arises to capture and update information about its use.
The key is to have an effective tool that can turn the everyday process of supporting your IT systems into a gold mine of information about best practices. Your IT design needs to incorporate service management and knowledge capture, if it is truly going to deliver GOLD for your organisation.

Use IT to make IT better!

Good IT design must include service management as an intrinsic element of it architecture.
Responsive support services, that are easy for users to access, are the best way to increase your return on your IT investments. And the best way to make support as responsive as possible is to make sure that you are always focused on the highest priority requests. You can use the Priority Grid to automatically assign appropriate priorities to requests as they come in.

Priority Scale

Click for more detail on Priorities

As issues are resolved, a good service management system will allow useful solutions to be added to a searchable knowledge base, that users can consult to find their own solutions in the future. This is your IT GOLD.

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