Securing the Modern Business

core-logo.png21core’s mission is to enable powerful collaboration technologies, while maintaining the security and sanctity of business operations.

Using best of breed vendors and solutions we help our customer build secure online environments that allow employees to compute, communicate and collaborate from wherever they are with anyone anywhere.

What our customers get: centralised identity management, distributed cloud file systems, and merged communications platforms seamlessly integrated with Microsoft, Google and Apple cloud services.

In addition to our I.T. operations consultancy, we offer compete network and service design solutions to UK businesses.

Leveraging 30 years of computer network design, we have applied our experience to create information technology designs and services for the 21st century:

  • mobile first
  • cloud-based
  • built with security and control from the ground up
  • integrated quality service management

21core designs provide higher levels of functionality than traditional in-office networks, and cost 20% to 80% less.


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