Securing the Modern Business

21core’s mission is to enable powerful collaboration technologies, while maintaining the security and sanctity of business operations.

In addition to our I.T. operations consultancy, we offer compete network and service design solutions to UK businesses.

Leveraging 30 years of computer network design, we have applied our experience to create information technology designs and services for the 21st century:

  • mobile first
  • cloud-based
  • built with security and control from the ground up
  • integrated quality service management

21core designs provide higher levels of functionality than traditional in-office networks, and cost 20% to 80% less.

Secure and easy to use, core designs are available for you to implement yourself, or as complete packages including services.

We can have a core cloud up and running for your organisation within hours, with the full suite of collaboration tools including email, calendars, contacts and secure, distributed file sharing.

Get your executive guide to GOLDYou already have an iPhone in your hand, and an iPad in your bag… and now you can use core technologies to bring it all together into a seamless and secure information system.

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